Section 3

Section 3 Human Resources and Public Administration Education

NICA Elvira, LĂZĂROIU George, POPESCU H. Gheorghe The Role of Collaborative Institutions in Public Administration Read article
ANDRONICEANU Armenia, OHANYAN Gurgen: IMF Policies and their Effects on Education in Romania Read article
PROFIROIU Alina-Georgiana, HURDUBEI (IONESCU) Roxana–Elisabeta: A Review of Organisation Culture Assessing Instruments Read article
RADU Ioan, ŞENDROIU CleopatraStress Management and Contradictions in Romania Organizations Providing Social Services for the Elderly People Read article
MANOLE Cristina: Human Resources Policies and Strategies in the Light of Romanian Public Administration Read article
HUDREA Adrian: Organizational Culture of Romanian Local Public Organizations Read article
BADEA Carmen Georgiana, ANGHELUȚĂ Petrică SorinActivation of the Human Potential Through Education and Training Read article
PEGULESCU Anca-MariananInternational Human Resources Challenges Read article

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