Section 1

Section 1 Strategy Planning for Local Public Administration


PROFIROIU Constantin Marius, SORRENTINO Daniela: Benchmarking in Romanian and Italian Local Governments: A Tool for Scoring or Learning? Read article
ALPOPI Cristina: Development of Heat Public Service Supply – Strategic Objective of Local Government Read article
POPESCU Luminiţa GabrielaPublic Policy Agenda and Responsiveness Governance Read article
SABIE Oana Matilda: Romania’s Local Police. Current Issues and Future Directions Read article
PĂCEȘILĂ Mihaela: Involvement of NGOs in Contemporary Society Read article
BURLACU Sorin: Violence in the Health Sector and Social Organizations in Romania Read article
URS Nicolae: Social Network Use in Romanian Public Administration: Big Cities, Small Steps. Read article
TUDOSE (IORGA) Elena: Shifting to Performance Management in Municipal Public Utility Services: A Brief Recent History of Benchmarking in Romania Read article
NASTASEANU Ariana: Smart Specialization Strategies and Empowering Citizens Read article
NICOLAE Ciprian: Qualitative Analysis of the Risks Identified in the Management of the Non-Reimbursable Funds in Romania in 2007-2013 Read article
CARAMAN Mirela: Strategic Sustainable Development Planning in Local Communities. Experience of Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI) Danube Delta Read article

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