Section 2

Section 2 Regionalization, Decentralization and Local Economic Development

CONSTANTIN Daniela-Luminița, GOSCHIN Zizi, ILEANU Bogdan: The Economic Regeneration of Lagging Regions. An Inquiry into the Regional Operational Programme Contribution, with an Emphasis on the Enterprise Support in the North-East Region of Romania Read article
FLORESCU Margareta, POTCOVARU Ana-Mădălina: Local Development’s Influence on the Freedom of the Decision-Making Process in Local Collectivities in Romania Read article
POPESCU H. Gheorghe, NICA Elvira, LĂZĂROIU GeorgeCollaboration in City-Level Economic Development Read article
POPESCU Ruxandra-Irina, CORBOȘ Răzvan-Andrei, MINA-RAIU Laura: Study on the Contribution of European Funds Financed Projects to Urban Development Read article
MUȘATESCU Virgil, COMĂNESCU Mihaela: Energy Efficiency – a Challenge for Local Authorities Read article
BRAN Florina, IOAN Ildiko, RĂDULESCU Carmen Valentina: European Policies with Impact on Territorial Planning Read article
BRIȘCARIU Roxana: Lake of Utilities. Access to Local Utilities of Roma Citizens Comparative with Non-Roma Population Read article
LECA Iuliana: A New Way of Strategic Thinking – Boosting Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans – Romanian Case Read article
SZABO Septimiu-Rareș: Decentralization Developments in Romania and Poland since 1990 Read article
ANGHELUȚĂ Petrică Sorin, BADEA Carmen Georgiana: Capitalization of Energy Resources in Territorial Aspect Read article

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